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Rod's Rocking Horses

Heirloom, hand-crafted, unique rocking horses made in Australia.

Refurbish or restore?

Dictionary meanings:

· Restored:  to bring something back to an earlier and better condition

· Refurbished:   to bring something back to a cleaner, brighter, or more functional state

· Remodelled: to renovate or alter the structure or style of something such as a building, room, or design

· Conserved: to keep something, especially an important environmental or cultural resource, from harm, loss, change, or decay

An old rocking horse should look old. Therefore, I do not attempt to restore but rather repair and/ or refurbish the unit to the extent that a client requires it. I prefer it to look like it used to appear but as long as it is functional, I do what the client requires.

Many a rocking horse is described as “restored” but in reality it is refurbished and not always a good job, at that. Sometimes, it is even “remodelled” to an extent. Like adding eye lashes to the face. (Yuck!)

I once remodelled a rocking horse from a bow rocker to a swing rocker. But that was one I had built myself – not an antique.

My attention has been directed to Australian made Roebuck horses:

Before and after

1945 Roebuck in need of attention

Before and after